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08 October 2011 @ 01:48 am
Still have the same layout (like it too much to change it).
Don't even know anymore what to do on livejournal especially how people (like me) have forgotten about it and moved on to tumblr or twitter which reminds haven't logged in there either might delete it or make a new one :(.

In general LIFE IS WHATEVER/NOT OKAY but have been making the most of it by watching dramas/anime trying to catch up & trying to find a job which hopefully I do get one in the next month because I NEED money. Even when I am on here I'm always well mostly on mac_cosmetics because I need another obsession to spend my money on so why not on makeup :( or reading fanfiction. I'm still into Kpop/Jrock etc so I haven't fallen out of fandoms just sites so I'll try or not get back into that.

So I'd say I'm still around probably post entries here & there/ definitely working on updating my icon comm & that's about it
Anyways I'm still mostly on tumblr **((WONCHEOL)) but then again I don't go on as much and when I do I go on like the really wee hours of the morning.

Okay enough my ramble will hopefully update soon~BYE
Current Mood: crappy
04 September 2011 @ 01:35 am
Well took a very long break from twitter and tumblr and after 5 months I am somewhat back. After I quit my job :( I've been trying to find another one (might try and get that job at the chocolate factory :>) because I can't support the kpop merchandise addiction and trying to go to school kinda made me lazy to go on here been spending all the free time watching anime and dramas (what is my life). I've been on tumblr recently but not so much twitter, kinda lost interest there but as a short break from those two sites I also took one from lj which even though I was posting on communities I wasn't posting entries here so planning on revamping might change my un so take this as a "almost coming back soon" entry. If you want to contact me Find me on tumblr since I'm always on tumblr now :( so let's follow eachother - woncheol@tumblr.com
Hope to talk to you guys soon.